AREA PLESIVEC and TOWER (entertainment and skill)

The guesthouse Pstruzi is right at the entry station of the chairlift to the top of Plesivec (1028 m above the sea level). On the top of the mountain you can find the watchtower Plesivec that has been there since 1895, with a wonderful view to the surroundings of Krusne hory, and a restaurant. Hiking trails and educational paths are available for tourists. A fun park with a ropes course, giant swing, free fall, trampolines, archery, terrain scooters downslope and many others on the top of Plesivec is here for adrenaline junkers. A chairlift leads to the top, see more at

ROPES COURSE (fun and skills)

Ropes course Plesivec has 3 tracks (advanced, beginners and children). It begins with a downslope to a crossroad of a large ropes course where you choose from two tracks, one of them is more difficult and the other is easier: for the beginners. Or a ropes course for children. See more at

ROPES COURSE (For children from 4 years)

Rope Centre Plesivec for children. Safe climbing center for aspiring climbers from 4 years. For kids it's great fun for more

GIANT SWING (adrenalin)

The giant swing Plesivec is for two. This unique experience will raise your adrenalin level! The giant swing gets you 16 m high and when flying close to the ground, you experience a pretty big G. See more at


Plesivec trampoline for children or adults. See more at

Plesivec bungee trampoline for children or adults. See more at