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Mountains on a bike (all around Pension Pstruzi)

BIKING TRACKS (road, tracking, mountain and special bikes)

In summer months, Pstruzi at Merklin is a perfect spot for biking. It lies in a charming valley in a beautiful corner of Krusne hory mountains, 19 km north of Carlsbad. The village of Pstruzi is situated where the river Bila meets the river Cervena Bystrice in a deep green valley and is a perfect hideaway for those of you who are looking for a calm peace surrounded by wonderful countryside. All biking tracks are more than 400 km long and you can use cyclist buses crossing several routes. For more information on cyclist buses, see Around Pstruzi (Plesivec-Pernink-Bozi Dar-Klinovec), you can ride bikes at various levels (road, tracking, mountain bikes). Lukas Bauer, the best Czech cross-country skier (1 silver medal at Winter Olympic Games, 2 bronze medals at Winter Olympic Games, one-time winner of the World Cup, two-times winner of Tour de Ski) has his biking track here. Lukas Bauer is inextricably linked to the Ore Mountains where he lives with his family and also trains here. In the summer, it is possible to take the cable car (including bike) from Pension Pstruží to the top of Plešivce (1028 m.a.s.l.), see photo


Krusnohorska expressway is 242 km long and leads though: Cheb – Frantiskovy Lazne – Vojtanov – Luby – Kraslice – Bublava – Jeleni – Horni Blatna – Pernink (Pstruzi) - Bozi Dar – Medenec – water tank Prisecnice – Hora sv. Sebestiana – Kalek – Mikulovice – water tank Flaje – Nove Mesto – Cinovec – Fojtovice – Krasny Les – Sneznik

TRAIL PARK PLESIVEC - approx. 15 km of tracks (6 tracks of all levels of difficulty):

TrailPark Plesivec (right next to Pension Pstruzi) is suitable for children, adults and racing riders. Trail Park has 6 tracks (trails) and the length of all tracks is approx. 15 km. It is divided into three levels of difficulty - Blue (5.4 km), Red (4.7 km), Black (4.4 km). The advantage of Trail Park Plešivec is the cable car. More information can be found at information

TRAIL PARK KLINOVEC - approx. 24 km of tracks (4 tracks - TrailPark, PumpPark and cable car):

TrailPark Klinovec (16 km by bike from Pension Pstruzi) is suitable for children, adults and racing riders. Trail Park has 4 tracks (trails) - Azur (10.4 km), Rubin (8 km), Baron (3 km) and DH track (3 km) and one Pump Track. The advantage of Trail Park Klínovec is the cable car. You can find more information at

RABENBERG TRAIL CENTER - approx. 73 km of tracks (5 tracks - TrailPark, PumpPark and many others):

In the Rabenberg Trail Center (17 km by bike from the Pension Pstruzi) you can enjoy great biking pleasure. 5 circuits (tracks) - Black Raven (26.2 km), Two Mountains (16.2 km), Border Trail (15.8 km), Peak Orbiter (9.7 km) and Taster Loop (5.7 km) . The tracks (trails) are of varying degrees of difficulty and form the basis for variety. Individual tracks (trails) can be combined with each other in various ways. More at


That's 162 km by bike, climbing 4,400 meters of altitude, over 9 peaks of the Ore Mountains, in 2 countries (Czech Republic and Germany). You can start the mountain challenge (Stoneman) at Pension Pstruží - here you can buy a starting package (accommodation) and you can set off on a journey along a beautiful track and nature. If you manage to complete the course within 3 days, you will receive your own trophy and a sparkling wine from Pension Pstruží as a gift. The Stoneman race was founded by Roland Stauder (MTB Marathon World Champion and Dolomitenmann winner). There are currently Stoneman plants in Italy (Dolomites), Switzerland (Alps), Germany and the Czech Republic (Ore Mountains). More information at

AUERSBERGKÖNIG - 10.7 km race:

That's 10.7 km by bike, with an ascent of 530 meters of altitude, to 1 peak of the Ore Mountains (1019 m.a.s.l.) and time - BECOME THE KING OF AUESBERG!!! The start starts not far from one of the largest waterfalls in Germany (outside the Alps). At the start (start device) and at the end of the route (destination device), the machine will record your start and finish time on a card (the card is free at the start). At the finish line at the top of the Auersberg, you drop the card into the box and your result will later appear on the website. Here you can also find all the information


Pstruzi Guesthouse holds a certificate Cyclists Welcome – it means we have just anything the cyclists may need: bike room, bike “washer“, small bike and defect repair shop (including basic spare parts), charging point for electric bikes, cyclist maps of the neighborhood of the guesthouse, first-aid kit and many other things and services to meet the cyclists´ requirements.