Summer 2022 in the mountains

You will be welcome to visit in summer 2022 (July, August – summer holidays in the mountains). You can enjoy trips, tourism, cycling or outdoor grilling in our garden. For information about accommodation and trips around the Pstruzi Guesthouse, see our website.


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Easter in the mountains - Sold Out

Easter in the mountains with us in the Pension Pstruží. We have prepared for our guests Easter decorations and outdoor grill is ready for any Easter (weekend) barbecue. We really look forward to you - Pension Pstruží spring.


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2019/2020 ski season started

Plesivec Ski Resort and Pension Pstruzi

On November 11, 2021 at 9 am in the ski resort Plesivec (right next to the Pstruzi) will start the ski season 2021/2022. Aktuální informace o Skiareálu Plešivec (zda a jaké sjezdovky jsou otevřeny) najdete na 


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Gift certificate / voucher for Christmas

Pension Pstruží offers a gift certificate / voucher for accommodation. It is the perfect gift for Christmas. Delight your loved ones, friends or your colleagues. Just write request to E-mail:

Your Pension Pstruží


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